3X Lightening Powder
3X Lightening Powder

3X Lightening Powder


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For Bleaching Hair

3x Faster
Particles are 3 times smaller than conventional bleach powders, ensuring to accelerate the speed of action

3x More Powerful
Achieves up to higher levels of lift with no stains and no damage in a single application

3x Smaller Particles
Dust-free formula enables easier mixing with any types of developer, having less fly away

Remains active for 20 mins only! 

Pour a suitable amount of 3X Lightening Powder into a non-metallic mixing bowl and slowly mix developer until desired consistency is reached. 1:2 mix of 3x Lightening Powder to a developer. Apply evenly all through hair shaft, avoiding scalp area (on scalp is okay though). Adjust processing time depending on the level of lift you want to achieve. Rinse out thoroughly and shampoo with treatment. 

17.6 fl oz / 500g 


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