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Swing Touch 3D

CREATE SWING TOUCH 3DFor Thermal Dryer Slim and modern design. Carbonic heater emitting abundant far infrared ray. In-position sensor attached to the frame. Safety sensor to prevent over heat. Auto power off the sensor to detect machine's instability. Pause function for concentrated heating. Variable Temperature Control: 95 F - 140 F Voltage: 110v What's in the box:...

O3 Misteamer

CREATE O3 MISTEAMERFor Hair Mist Digitalized one-touch controller. High volume water container. Flexible hose with the attachment for two people at the same time. Multiple modes for in-salon menu. Injects mist and steam at the same time.  Variable Temperature Control: 95 F - 140 F Voltage: 110v What's in the box: Unit, cap, hair cap...

Z-ion Perm Machine

CREATE Z-ION PERM MACHINEFor Setting Perm Simple wave perm device with heating rods. One-touch digital control panel. Pure ceramic rods.  Variable Temperature Control: 140 F - 220 F Voltage: 110v What's in the box: Head unit, stand, and rods12mm (20), 14mm (20), 16mm (20), 18mm (15), 20mm (15), 22mm (5), 25mm (5), total 100 rods One-year warranty...

Swing Belle

CREATE SWING BELLEFor Digital Perm Digitalized control panel. Multi perm machine. Variable Temperature Control: 140 F - 285 F Voltage: 110v What's in the box: Head unit, stand, cables, and rods.12mm (10), 14mm (10), 16mm (10), 20mm (5), 25mm (5), total 40 rods One-year warranty Made in Korea



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