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ATS RE:FLASH HEATING BALMFor Pretreatment Line *PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY* STEP: #3 ATS Synergy-O (natural oil complex), it restores brilliant shine and gives natural-looking wavy perm. Enriches nutrition base (Pellicer, collagen, keratin) acts mildly with less damage and prevents hair from getting overly swollen, allow the process to be under control. Shields hair with coating layer on...

NX Next Gen Perm


CREATE MINI MINI IN MULTI PERM  Multi perm machine. Digitalized control panel.  Preset temperature: 60 - 120 C Rod size: 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 26mm, 30mm What's in the box: Head unit, stand, cables and rods12mm (10), 14mm (10), 16mm (10), 20mm (5), 25mm (5), total 40 rods One year warranty Made...

Minimini Perm


ATS PROFESSIONAL AMINO MATRIXFor Pretreatment Line *PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY* STEP: #1 ATS salon special line contains silk amino acid and Pellicer. Quickly absorbs into the hair to restore weaken hair cuticles and supplement needed collagen. Bonds with moisture in hair to strengthen hair cuticles. Effective and long-lasting. Treats hair with a high concentration of keratin,...

Setting Ceramic Perm


CREATE SETTING PERM PERMFor Setting Perm  Pure ceramic rods. Easy to connect rods. Operation indications lights. Adjustable wing spans. One-touch digital control panel.  Variable Temperature Control: 248 F - 320 F Voltage: 110v What's in the box: Head unit, stand, cables, and rods16mm (10), 20mm (10), 25mm (10), total 30 rods One-year warranty Made in Korea 

Add Perm Volume Kit


Z-ion Perm


CREATE Z-ION PERM MACHINEFor Setting Perm Simple wave perm device with heating rods. One-touch digital control panel. Pure ceramic rods.  Variable Temperature Control: 140 F - 220 F Voltage: 110v What's in the box: Head unit, stand, and rods12mm (20), 14mm (20), 16mm (20), 18mm (15), 20mm (15), 22mm (5), 25mm (5), total 100 rods One-year warranty...



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