Color Remover
Color Remover

Color Remover


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The only and one color system that completes your professional touch.

Uni peptide helps to deliver pigment and conditioning agents deep down to hair structure and gives vivid and vibrant color. Contains Vitamin C (anti-oxidant) to protect hair from oxidation and color fade. Color results last longer and keep hair shiny and silky.

Low molecular collagen, hyaluronic acid, shea butter help to enhance hair radiance by shielding on the cuticle surface. Once it bonds with heat, it plays a double role in increasing the gloss and reducing color fading. 

Removes excess color from hair ends. Assists in removing stains from clothes. Quickly erases tint from skin.

Apply on from hair ends and massage hair between thumb and fingers. Rinse well. Repeat if necessary.

10.14 fl oz / 300ml 

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